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Stole it from Mandi

1) Where did you graduate from and what year?
Gardendale High School. 2002

2) Who was your significant other?
I had none

3) Was your Prom a night to remember?
Didn't go

4) What was your fav. song you danced to the night of PROM?

5) Do you own all 4 Yearbooks ?
3 out of 4

7)What was your fav. Movie in Highschool?
Rock Star

8) What was your number 1 choice of College in HS?

9) what radio station did you jam out to in highschool?
97.3 Best station B'ham ever had. :)

10) Were you involved in any organizations or clubs?
Football, track, FBLA(HAH!), Tri-m, and Hosa.

11)What was ur fav class in Highschool?

12) Who was your big crush in Highschool?
Lindsey, Heidi

13) Would you say you've changed a lot since highschool?
Definitely. I'm more open now than I ever was then

14) What do you miss the Most about it?
about high school? Learning stuff

15) Your worst memory of HS?
shitloads of those.

16) Did you have a car ?
When I turned 16 I did. :)

17)What were your school colors?
Maroon and grey

18) who was your fav. teacher?
Cooach Goodwin

19) did you have a cell phone in high school?

20) did you leave school for lunch everyday?

21) if so, where was your fav. place to go eat?
One of the few restaurants around gardendale, or I'd go walk around foodland

22) Were you always late to class?

23) Did you ever have to stay for Sat. School?
Once, it was horrible

24) Did you ever Ditch?
Yup, a lot my junior year

25) When it comes time for the reunion will you be there?
if my names on the list. Doubt it will be though
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