ToeJam (bamagitarman) wrote,

Ok, my dream. Let me see if I remember it. It's already starting to fade.

I was in Walker County for some odd reason. I think I was in Dora, or Jasper, or somewhere rednecky like that. I was just driving around trying to get to work on a Saturday, and I was really tired. Somehow I got my car stuck on top of a brick wall. I don't know how I got stuck on a brick wall, there was no way to do that. So, I went to this frat house thing to ask if they could help me get it down. While they were working on it(really weird way to work on it too, I forgot what they were doing though) I went into their house. Was walking around when I came upon a group of people, they were lighting these really long fuses and blowing something up. We were all trying to beat the fuse before it blew up, for some reason. It was kinda fun in a dumbass kinda way. So me and this girl started talking, turns out I went to school with her somewhere, she said she liked me and kissed me, I was like ok? and walked away. I ended up going the wrong way and was in the middle of the woods. Came across a music venue, or something that said it was a music venue. It wound up being this old black lady and her kids house. I was walking around seeing if I could find them to get directions. I looked up at a tree and saw a branch moving, didn't feel right to me. All of a sudden, a snake jumped out and tried to bite me. I did some matrixy type stuff to avoid it, but left my hand uncovered which the snake bit. RIGHT ON MY FREAKING GUITAR PLAYING MUSCLE!!!! I stood their in disbelief while the snake was biting me. Then said nonchalantly "uhhh, can someone help me?" Ended up going inside the old black lady's house. She and her kids got dressed and were about to take me to the hospital. I blacked out(always sucks to black out in a dream). When I woke up, my mom, terry, and the old lady were driving me to the hospital. My eyes were rolling back in my head and I was out of it. That's the last thing I remember.

Weirdest dream I've had in a while. :) It probably doesn't sound that odd written out though.
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