ToeJam (bamagitarman) wrote,
bamagitarman and somebody went somewhere, I don't know where or why....but I was addicted to something, and whoever I was with asked me if I wanted to be hypnotized in order to beat the addiction, I say yes, and she sends me to this little clinic. I go in, sit in the lobby for a bit, it looks exactly like a tattoo shop around here. I decide to browse around their cd's, find some stuff I really like, but can't buy because I have no money. Frank Zappa starts playing over the radio. The woman comes out and starts talking to me about the hypnotising, asking me what music would put me in a relaxed state, I say classical, soundspacey kinda stuff, she finds the cd, and I wait some more. I go up to the 9th floor, and it's mexican rehabilitation clinic, with another cd shop/drug paraphanelia type stuff. I go back down and lay in the bed/hypnotising room. She comes in, but goes away for some reason. So I ask someone where the restroom is, it's on the 9th floor. I run up the stairs, there are people passed out on the stairs. Go use the bathroom, but the bathroom is freakily like a locker room. Go to the other one, just out of curiosity, and it's full of people. Now, this is the freaky part. She takes my pants off, and lotions me up "down there" says that she has to get me off to put me ina more relaxed state, but I'm not really down there. So I'm in like two places at once. She finally gives up on getting me off, because it's taking too long, I told her that I just got off. The other me runs down the stairs, steals one of the persons flip flops. Lay back down "inside" myself I guess. But She plays the hypnotizey cd, and it's frank zappa again. Then I woke up.

There was more to it, but people kept talking as I was typing it out, and I forgot some parts of it.
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